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Surrey Pathology Services

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Enquires 0845 658 9622

NHS Pathology is a joint venture between Frimley Park, the Royal Surrey and Ashford St Peters NHS Foundation Trusts.

NHS Pathology offers pathology services to GPs, PBCs, PCTs, independent healthcare providers, community hospitals and many other specialist organisations and individuals. Over 80 GP practices are already receiving the following benefits from NHS Pathology:

  • Online test requests automatically entered on patient records provide an audit trail from request to result, minimising delayed or missing results
  • Same day/next day results available electronically for routine tests, enabling earlier treatment interventions
  • Easy-read printed labels for sample bottles
  • More frequent flexible sample collection times agreed with the practice to meet GP needs, eg extended hours
  • Dedicated service development team to support service improvement and development for your practice
  • Direct access GP helpline 24/7 for clinical help and support

The laboratory service at Wexham Park Hospital consists of four clinical departments:

  • ?? Blood Sciences: Biochemistry, Haematology and Blood Transfusion
  • ?? Cell Pathology: Histopathology, Cytopathology and Mortuary
  • ?? Immunology
  • ?? Medical Microbiology

and a Support Services department.

All departments are fully accredited under the national Clinical Pathology Accreditation scheme. In addition they all participate in National External Quality Assurance schemes and clinical and laboratory audit procedures.